April 25, 2011

1/100 SMS AMS-129 Geara Zulu ver Angelo Sauper - FINISHED!

Well I've finally finished - took around 3 months from start to finish, with quite a few breaks.

Paints used:
Purple: Tamiya acrylics custom mix
Black: Testor's Model Master enamel semi-gloss black (sometimes gloss)
White: Tamiya acrylics
Metallics: Mr. Metal Color Copper, Mr. Super Metal Chrome Silver

Comments on the build: Lots of fun to build, lots of details. Totally top heavy and had to require a 1/8" support rod. Assembly was relatively easy, but the details became almost cumbersome near the end. The shield is not amply supported by the arm attachment either. The finished kit looks great in my collection though!

My wife wanted to put some little guys on for scale haha.

And the lighting setup:

C&C always wanted!


  1. Dude, the gundam came out sweet lookin man! Two things though, the faded purple not so flattering in my opinion, i think the traditional faded Zenon green or a dark green would have been much cooler, or even a dark blue ive seen zenon suits have that color. Second thing, did you get a new roomate, or have you been letting the top of your head grow lately..... O_o

  2. Haha that's my wife silly billy. Also, purple is the color of Angelo Sauper's customized Geara Zulu in Gundam Unicorn. I agreed with you at first, but I love this particular understated color of purple. Besides, it was a 'commission' build from my wife, so she chose the colors.

  3. wow this is by far one of the coolest Geara Zulu I've seen, love the tone of purple and the extra detailing, really nice :)

  4. I always found Sauper's to be more of a pink, but I've always been kinda color-blind.

    Great work with this, man!
    I envy your ability.

  5. Wow... I need to learn this from you

  6. I think my favorite part is that it uses the radar dish from the Zeta Plus on its rifle. I like seeing older technology still incorporated into newer MS. It makes it more realistic I guess.

  7. Have you ever considered drawing an airbrushed rendering interpretation of your completed Gundam model in a similar way that Chip Foose does for the cars he modifies on Overhaulin'? It would be cool to see such a rendering along with the finished model.

  8. very cool, love the purple. how did you do the white detail? It's a decal in the kit and I find the decals to be so lame.

  9. Hey Frank, Thanks! I agree, actually painting a clean finish always looks better than a decal when it comes to the "sleeves versions". The white trim is done using a reverse wash. I made a tutorial on how to achieve this effect if you look at the top right menu. It's called Gundam Building 101: Reverse Wash and Paints. Hope it helps!

  10. hello , >< i bought one that didnt include all the instructions any chance i could get a copy of yours ?

  11. Im just getting into resin kits (Short of a few weapon/part addons) and I was wondering; how does this guy move? I know its hung over the Gyan frame (which is an amazingly flexable frame), but does it still pose/move well?