March 23, 2011

Kit Review: Super G 1/100 AGX-041 Gerbera Tetra Conversion

Manufacturer: Super G recast of the GMG version
Cast Quality: 9/10 as usual from Super G.
1 minor error I've found so far with the gun, but it is an interesting error... See the pics for an explanation. All other details duplicated in great detail.

^^ Even comes with the green plastic "Dot". Great touch.

^^Okay, now here's the weird part. Look at the pic just before this one with the 5 parts and look at the bottom of the gun. You'll see a casting imperfection. Because it's on the bottom means it should show up on top. Then I looked at the top. It appears that they went through the time and effort to actually sand down the casting error themselves. Very nice of them to do IMO, and it's not a bad sanding job for a quick one.

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