March 28, 2010

MG Sinanju Review

So I finished my MG Sinanju! Took ~6 weeks, and it's my second serious model build since I started back up!

List of paints used (mostly spray cans):

Tamiya Spray cans:

- TS-49 Bright Red
- TS-38 Gun Metal
- TS-48 Gunship Grey
- AS-27 Gunship Gray 2
- TS-13 Clear

Tamiya Paints:

- X-12 Gold Leaf

Model Master Enamel Paint: 1947 FS17038 Gloss Black Spray Can
Model Master Metalizer Lacquer: 1451 Aluminum Paint Spray Can

Hand painted:

- Gold details. This was rough though, and took some re-painting
- Some Aluminum detailing on the gun

Lessons learned:

- No one properly introduced me to sanding the nubs off the gateways, so I have some rough edges from only using the exacto knife
- Spray paints can pool
- Sticker decals suck balls
- Hand painting is rough work unless you have surgeon's hands
Putting Tamiya's clear coat over made the paint melt over the decals. Lame.
- The body parts fit REALLY tightly together. Do not recommend painting the body, otherwise, strip the paint from the actual joint parts.

Overall, it was a fun build, made some noob mistakes, but the end result is very presentable I feel. Going forward, I'm hoping to make top notch models from here on out.


  1. Damn, that thing came out impressive! Those decals really pull off some great accents with those white lines; the red on the boosters are pretty cool too. The paint really gives off an incredible shine! How did you light it?/Where did you shoot it?

  2. Dude, that thing is pretty sexy. but i don't know if i'll be able to get mine even anywhere close to that kind of paint job

  3. "Putting Tamiya's clear coat over made the paint melt over the decals. Lame."
    How many top coat did you apply ?
    I read you have to put glossy coat over your paint (if you painted it) and glossy coat before applying decals. Then another top coat (gloss or matt) to seal decals.

  4. @ Gressmon -
    Well, I actually made a mistake. What you have read is the correct way to do it. I merely painted, put decals on, then applied a wee bit too much glossy top coat, which in turn melted the paint OVER the decals because they were on the same layer.
    But if you want to save some spray (and $$), I really didn't get a ton of paint overlap when I did it this way. It all comes down to how much perfection you want.

  5. I see you painted the inner frame with TS38. and I also heard that the TS paint would be corrosive to ABS. did u prime it? what kind of primer did u used if u did? and how is the inner frame doing now?

  6. it looks great.. can you show or make a detailed process? i want to know what comes first on your spray cans.. and the glossy coats.. where did you apply the enamel and metalic sprays? thanks