March 8, 2011

Gundam Building 101: Metallic Powders

Using Kosutte Ginsan or MGM Hobby Powder (same thing, different name) - aka Metallic Powders.

I usually use this technique on parts I want to be shiny chrome (i.e. thrusters and the like). The process is quite simple really.

Materials you'll need:

- Model part
- Gloss Black paint
- Kosutte Powder
- Gloves
- Q-Tip
- Paper Towels

Tip: The powder I'm using is purchased from from the vendor MGM Hobby. Others use Kosutte Ginsan, purchased from

Because this process can be messy, I highly recommend you clean your workspace of all parts except those that will actually be receiving the powder.

1. Spray your part in question in Gloss Black (I usually use primer first).

2. Wait at least 24 hours for the paint to cure.

3. With gloves on and paper towels EVERYWHERE, grab a small amount of powder with your q-tip and apply lightly to the surface of your part. It will have a dull sheen.

4. Continue to lightly rub the surface with the q-tip until you see the shine start to come through. Continue to rub the surface.

5. Your part should look complete! Make sure you shake the part free of any remaining dust, then go over with a smooth paper towel to get the last bits of the powder off.

6. You can apply acrylic top coats if you like. You can then spray clear acrylic colored paints for random effects like yellow for gold, etc.



  1. I never realised this product even existed! I always want a chrome effect but the paints never work. Thanks for this bro

  2. wow cool info, i try to find it for age. Thank you. :)

    Oh! do you think this style or polish with micro particles cream. which one is better? (for Metal Thrusters)

    is it good ideal to use sanding sponges to sand Metal Thrusters before use Metallic Powders. Thank you for good info beginner. :)

  3. So this is how you do the Chrome look on gunpla? I've seen a few models that have a chrome in their thrusters and bottom feet like this one>

    is that how they do it? Thank you

  4. I typically mask off an area with tape and paint it black, then use the powder. After it is on, I then rub it in and shine it with a paper towel. Hope that helps!

  5. I have use the metallic powder the effect metallic stay the sam once you clear coat it?

  6. I use Mr color gross black and then apply the power and it is very shiny after polishing but a day later the shines goes dull and touching it also cause this too. I went polishing the parts again and the same thing happened. How to protect this from happening?

    Thank you.

    1. Gloss coat should work, it worked for me! :)

    2. Thanks for the advice, I have not tried this as I fear a gloss coat would take away the shine in the first place.

  7. My local hobby store carries MIG Pigments that look pretty much the same as this stuff, you have inspired me to run down and get a few and see what I can come up with.