April 11, 2011

1/100 SMS AMS-129 Geara Zulu ver Angelo Sauper - Part 4

Got some more work done. I'm way behind schedule, but I'm ramping up for the finish. Traveling twice a week 2-3 days doesn't really help either. I'm going to start semi-rushing through this process (without sacrificing quality). Finally got my metallic paints in though ;)

^^I've since corrected the minor error and painted a bit more... Just too lazy to take a pic.

Did some panel lining with enamels.

And for the "Work-in-Progress" taken somewhat literally...

Haha, I had to... come on.

And pics of the head:

I have to paint the right front skirt again... I know. I got too excited with the q-tip I guess. I just noticed it as I was assembling too.

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