September 7, 2010

Gundam Building 101: Metal Thrusters

A quick semi how-to for thrusters:

I purchased some thrusters from eBay (make sure you measure how big yours are according to the largest diameter at the bottom in millimeters (mm)). Kind of expensive I guess at $10.50 for 4, but that's the nature of gunpla itself haha.

Figure out where you want to put the thruster. Usually there is already a place for you to put the hole in, or you'll have to cut off a nub for the plastic thruster to go on the plastic kits in order to drill.

Make the hole pretty deep. Note: If you have a shallow piece, you can also snip the long pole to be shorter.

Test fit the part that will go in the hole once you're done.

And Voila!



  1. do we have to add some glue on the hole? or you just put the part in the hole?

  2. Just a tiny bit of glue at the top of the pin that will go into the hole

  3. i got a question, how to drill properly? cause when i tried it usually slides off

  4. What do you use to drill with? I am completely new to modding and only ever snapped and painted