February 4, 2013

Completed: 1/100 SMS NZ-666 Kshatriya

I set out to do a speed build, and here it is. 3 weekends, 7 days total, 50-60 hours total. Some minor mistakes, but I am overall happy with it. I needed a quick build to get me back into building before I started a couple commissions, and this was an easy model that I had been thinking about for a long time. The cast was from G-System-Best and was a recast of the SMS version. It really was a nice cast with all parts present and no bubbles. I have loved this design since I first saw it and it was one of the first kits I bought.

Plamo colour:
- grey surface primer
- Gloss topcoat
- Matte topcoat

Tamiya acrylics:
- Olive green with bits of grey and white
- JB green
- Black green
- black, white etc

Mr Hobby:
- Super Metallic copper
- super metallic brass
- super metallic silver chrome
- clear green

I preshaded the parts and reverse washed the sleeves.

C&c always appreciated!


  1. Dude, you just keep making better and better pieces of quality :-D you sure do love the obscure hunk of metal meat Gundams though :-P its all good though, he does look really cool.

    You Should try this guy next, I'd love to see your finesse on it!:


  2. This looks great, love it! Is there a video about you making it?

  3. Hi I`ve watched your blog for some time now. And I`m a long time admirer of your work. I have a question what is the quality of g-system best kits as I`m looking at buying some myself.

  4. Hello! That's some wicked Kshatriya! Awesome man. Just a question, I want to learn how to detail small metal parts like pipes and rivets that may appear on the inner frame and armor. Did you hand paint them with lacquer metallic, or what interesting tips you have?

    Thanks a bunch for uploading many useful tutorials! I'm going to be your loyal blog follower.

    1. Thanks! Well I can certainly make a small tutorial on it! It's not too tough and highly dependent on the paint you buy. Metallics paint on smooth with Mr Super Metallics, and I rest my pinky that's holding the paintbrush on the part for stabilization. Pint smooth the first time and not in layers as it can eat through and not go on smooth. This is only for the metallics, not all painting in general. Hope that helps!

  5. Hi Major Williams! Thank you for the great tutorials and photos, they have helped me immensely!

    I was interested to know more about the g-system-best recasts. Are they partnered with g-systems?