May 7, 2011

1/24 Hi-Nu Bust WIP - Part 2

Update time.

I recently was asked by Plamo Color if I would be interested in using his paints for this build. I admit, I was curious to see how his paints fared, and it was great that he was a model builder FIRST, and a paint guy second. I was also cool with this because he told me he was merely providing the paint, and he wanted me to be honest in my review. So I will be.

I'm going to be testing his paint vs Mr. Hobby and Tamiya, two of the larger, more widely accepted 'quality' brands.

That said, here are the paints he sent me, and the packaging (which was nice, and came super fast from the UK)

Keep in mind I did not use Photoshop to enhance these colors. I am a huge fan of how vibrant his colors are (I chose these on purpose).

I wanted to delve right into priming, so I used the primer and his thinner at his prescribed ratio (40primer:60thinner).

It sprayed on quite nicely and was very easy to work with. Easier than Mr. Surfacer (which can be a hassle at times), and went on much easier than Mr. Resin Primer Surfacer in my previous experience with it. I will have a full head to head on my next WIP update (probably tomorrow).

The results of the primer speak for themselves: smooth, and this is with one coat in many areas (some requires a minor touch up spray). How it actually adheres to paint will be tested later.

Doing the math, I'm probably going to start using his primer exclusively now - it is cheaper than Mr Hobby and all it's variants per mL, and is at par, if not better than it. I sprayed almost the entire head today and barely used 1/8 of the bigger bottle. I'm officially a fan.