September 7, 2010

Gundam Building 101: Putty Filling Tutorial (Beginners)

Beginner's Putty filling tutorial

This is made mainly for those who are new to the resin world. Not amazing by any means, but I feel it's useful, and something I wish I had seen when I was getting into resin.

Materials needed:

Resin piece
Putty (Any sandable kind will do, but I've heard Mori Mori is good stuff too)
Sand paper
Gloves (recommended)

So this is a particularly bad molding that I decided to repair and make a quick and dirty tutorial for. I'm using sandable molding putty.

Squeezed some putty parallel (not perpendicular) to the crack along the seam. I let it dry for about an hour, then sanded it down. If you notice, there are still gaps that need to be filled.

So I just run putty over it again! This putty is very sandable, so it makes this process easy.

Once it is dry (in an hour), just sand over it again and you have a smooth piece! I may do this 1 more time to fill in some small gaps I see.

Also: I recommend priming with a gray primer after this to check for imperfections.


  1. Nice tutorial. Simple and useful.

  2. This dose seem useful, but I'm planning on getting a g-system's model and I'm in total panic and need a lot of help on how to paint it and everything.

    1. Take a look at my tutorial - Gundam Building 101 #6 - How to build resin models, post any questions there! Don't worry, it's only for fun right?

  3. Hello. When you put two pieces of resin together like you have up above, it is ok to take them apart after using putty and sanding? or Is it is shut together for good? If it is, how would you kit it around the frame?

    I ask because i'm working on my first resin kit and your guides have been really helpful

    1. Well hopefully you are not using putty to fuse two pieces together. That said, once the putty dries it is relatively hard and can withstand quite a bit of abuse, but no more that the resin you're using the the first place.

      For ease, I also recommend getting a small molding tool and making the tip of it wet to mold the putty before it dries. It makes the whole process MUCH easier