March 24, 2011

Kit Review: G-System-Best 1/48 Rx-78-2 Eiyuu Tan ver.

Manufacturer: G-System-Best
Cast Quality: 10/10 as usual from GSB
This enormous kit is very well casted and all of the parts fit very neatly together. Resin quality is superb. Simply glowing over this kit.

This kit is still in my queue.


  1. There's a slight difference between this one and the the one have. But yeah I have the Action Figure version of this one. This is the "Original" Gundam. Used in the first series of Gundam shows. Piloted by this kid named Armuro (that spelling might be off :-P)

  2. Hi~~

    I am akira from HKML^^

    I also want to buy's nice~~

    How's the GSB quality?

    Hope to see your finish kit soon^^

  3. Hi Akira! Glad to see you found my blog. The casting quality of GSB is consistently good. I have seen no errors in casting, and I own 3 of their models. This one is the first edition of the 1/48 RX-78-2, on their website they now have the version 2.0, and I would think that the casting quality would be great.

    I will begin this model after I finish the 1/24 Hi-Nu bust, which will be in about 3 months!

  4. Hi~~Williams~~
    I like 1.0ver......= =
    So sad now gsb is sale 2.0ver~~
    But,I think I will buy it......
    Thanks for your comment^^

    Wow,another big progress 1/24 Hi-Nu bust~~
    I also did it before~~very great kit~~
    Hope will see your kit soon^^

  5. Really? I super wanted the ver 2.0! Perhaps we could do a trade of some sort! Send me a PM over on hkml and we can discuss it if you're interested.

  6. Hi Major Williams,

    I don't know if you have the GSB Version 2.0

    but I am missing the instruction guide and they have not responded to my email. I was wondering if you can take pictures for me of your instruction guide if you still have it? Thanks so much!

    1. I absolutely can! I'll add them to this post soon and reply to your comment again. I'll also have links to high res versions for you.

  7. Is this the one in MAC contest?

  8. Hey, can you tell me how you ordered from GSB? Been trying to order from them for months but no replies...