August 29, 2011

1/24 SMS Hi-Nu Bust WIP - Part 5

Almost completed with everything - gluing is going well. Just thought I'd document the LED wiring for those who haven't done it before (I haven't) and want to see what goes into it.

It's relatively easy, just some minor preparation and forethought goes into the process before final assembly to ensure all the wires are long enough and hidden. With a little bit of epoxy glue, I've adhered them to the places where they would fit the best.

August 22, 2011

1/24 Hi-Nu Bust WIP - Part 4

I have now added a flat finish, two pieces need white patch-up paint tomorrow, but I believe everything else is in final order. Should be finished here soon. Astronaut was added to add some scale to the kit. Should look pretty neat with the final presentation I'm hoping.

Pics here:

^^The friggin wiring was so small (22 gauge I believe), that when I pulled on it, it came undone. One trip to home depot and 1 hour of re-wiring with 18-gauge wire later, and we are in business!

When I have time I will finish this kit! C&C and criticisms ALWAYS wanted!

August 9, 2011

1/24 SMS Hi-Nu Bust WIP - Part 3

Eensy update, got lots done though.

Most parts painted and given a nice glossy shine with Future. Panel lining has begun, and I pre-fit everything to make sure everything will fit well. I'm thinking so.

Things left: Minor painting for parts, decals, flat coat, final gluing and assembly. Yay!