September 15, 2010

Finished - MSZ-007

So I had a goal: finish my latest model before the launch of Halo: Reach. A fun goal that my wife actually helped me achieve. All was going well. Until I had the final photo shoot. These are the last known pictures of the final configuration of the model... You'll see why.

1/144 MSZ-007 Mass Produced Suit by Studio Reckless (recast kit)

So I had fun building this kit - though there was a lot of prep work that needed to be done (and probably a lot more too, but I was just a bit too lazy with this small kit) - and I think it turned out pretty well. It was my first attempt at pre-shading, and was an awesome learning tool.

Custom teal (using light blue, lime green and yellow(?) I believe)
Flat Blue
Model Master Acryl Some sort of hot orange I found at the hobby shop
Flat white

Panel lined with zippo lighter fluid and enamel black

Just as I was about to take some better pictures of the back once I had a lighting setup I was comfortable with, the background sheet had tipped over so I stood up to fix it. The next thing you know, I hear a crash and look down, and cried a little bit on the inside. I picked up the pieces and took a picture of the remains with what was left of my dignity.

C&C always welcome! Critics especially (I need the criticism before beginning my next big resin model (1/100 The-O))


  1. i think its beautiful man. Would have cc but just so nice.

  2. That was fast (in reference to the others)! and c'mon, man, you have no dignity :P

    I like the goldish highlights; they really pop off the mecha frame.

  3. Thanks guys! Other kits are coming just in time for winter, so it will be fun.