September 17, 2012

Finished: 1/48 G-System RX-78-2 Eiyuu Tan version 1.0

Well I started it 9 months ago, but it's now finished. I had started the project with the intent to enroll in a competition, but I put it aside as I got distracted by life (and video games). Now I am just happy I completed it, and despite some minor errors I would say I am overall very pleased.

Paint: White, red - Plamo Colour; Blue: custom mix of Tamiya; all others hand painted with Mr Super Metallics
Challenges: Weight. The legs can support the weight, but the actual joint where the leg meets the hips is weak and needed some modification. Also, where the Bazooka rests directly gets in way of the huge shield.

Painted primarily with Plamo Colour paints, details with Mr Super metallic.

For size comparison with 1/100 AGX-041

I feel rusty now lol. C&c always welcomed!


  1. Great stuff. But why don't you show his eyes ? Is he ashamed of anything and always staring at the floor ? ;)

    1. it looks more aggressive when the head is tilted down. All professionally done gundams are in that fixed pose. Check out all the G System pictures.

      Great work Williams, I have the ver 2.0. Maybe you can help me out with that :).

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  3. BUUUUUDDDDDYYY! Epic Gundam :-D That one is Amuro's Gundam. It was the very first Gundam in the series of Gundam's, it turned out really well man, congratz :-D keep on truckin

  4. Amazing work. The bazooka looks bent a little.