January 22, 2013

WIP: 1/100 SMS Kshatriya Part 1

Well I had a weekend. Wife was visiting family and friends were out of town. So, 3 seasons of South Park and a sore hand later, I have finished the legs of the 1/100 Kshatriya and airbrushed most all of the other parts. It took me about 30 hours over this long weekend to get here, and it was well worth it. I have loved the design of this mecha, and the military color scheme that mvm3897 used - it made this model look absolutely awesome.

About a year ago I de-nubbed and sanded this model, so I was pretty ready to go (just had to degrease the parts).

I am using the following paints:

Main areas: Tamiya acrylics Olive green:gray:white - 5:1:2. Preshaded with JB green
Waist: JB green with some gray added. Preshaded with Black green
All metallics painted with Mr Hobby Super Metallics.
Primed with Plamo Colour Gray Surface Primer

This is a good example of how pre shading works.

The Binders look impressive

Finished the legs. Pretty happy with how they look

And this is where I am. Majority of pieces airbrushed and ready to move on to their next steps.

All I really have left is decals, panel lining, and final matte coat. I plan on mounting him to a stand too.