December 6, 2010

1/100 PMX-003 The-O Resin kit: Part 3

I've been putting a lot of work into this guy, with very little updates here.

I've finished almost all of the airbrush painting, and I've gloss coated everything, then panel lined and put a few decals. I'm waiting for some of the Samueldecal decals to come in the mail so I can finish this bad boy up.

Some WIP pics:

Side view

You can really see the 'burnt metal' color. It looks great.

After Panel lining and some decals:

After this is more decals, detail painting, flat top coat, final pinning and gluing. Exciting days ahead!


  1. It's insane how clean that thing turned out; niihiiice work!

  2. Oh man. That's some awesome stuff! I wish i was that good at resin. TT.TT

  3. I've never seen that Gundam before, but it's pretty coo. Definitely love how it's coming out. Keep proving that resin can look pretty sick buddy :-D

  4. how was Gsystem best. and how do you pay