March 25, 2010

Introduction and purpose

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I started this to document some of the nuances of two of my hobbies - video game playing and the building of Gundam models - also called gunpla. I currently help run a website for Halo fans called Grunts R Us. It's mainly designed to provide updates for the average Halo fan. I'll be discussing some of the more refined points and challenges with the Halo Universe that I have here.

Another thing I hope to accomplish here is to document the gunpla building process. Like me, I know for a fact there are others who stumble across blogs or websites with fantastically built kits (i.e. Danny Choo, NgeeKhiong, No More Robots, Neograde, or multitude of others), but ultimately have no clue where to start and have to figure out by trial and error (largely) how to make a fantastic looking kit.

I'll go over the basics to the advanced techniques. I'm still learning too, and I'll post my lessons learned and my MISTAKES!!! I think it's important to to not just see the good things, but also the bad things and learn from them.


  1. With all these photos in your posts, how are you doing on media storage? Since you are using Blogger, I believe you are using a Picasa account to store photos, right? But you are using high resolution pictures. How many pictures have you used thus far, and how much storage do you have left? Or are you using a different method for including pictures in your posts?

    I really like the photos. They are the best part of the blog.

  2. Thanks buddy - I am using a different file hosting service than normal means. They were migrating some servers and as a result have been down for a few days. Things are back to normal now though.