January 22, 2013

WIP: 1/100 SMS Kshatriya Part 1

Well I had a weekend. Wife was visiting family and friends were out of town. So, 3 seasons of South Park and a sore hand later, I have finished the legs of the 1/100 Kshatriya and airbrushed most all of the other parts. It took me about 30 hours over this long weekend to get here, and it was well worth it. I have loved the design of this mecha, and the military color scheme that mvm3897 used - it made this model look absolutely awesome.

About a year ago I de-nubbed and sanded this model, so I was pretty ready to go (just had to degrease the parts).

I am using the following paints:

Main areas: Tamiya acrylics Olive green:gray:white - 5:1:2. Preshaded with JB green
Waist: JB green with some gray added. Preshaded with Black green
All metallics painted with Mr Hobby Super Metallics.
Primed with Plamo Colour Gray Surface Primer

This is a good example of how pre shading works.

The Binders look impressive

Finished the legs. Pretty happy with how they look

And this is where I am. Majority of pieces airbrushed and ready to move on to their next steps.

All I really have left is decals, panel lining, and final matte coat. I plan on mounting him to a stand too.


  1. I've been wanting to get this kit for a while now, but I still haven't even built the Bandai model. Can't wait to see how yours will look, love the way the shading comes out in the green by the way.

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  3. I have a question concerning resin kits in general. Is it ok to clean/soak resin parts that have been glued, and have had putty applied in purple power cleaner? Will the cleaner weaken the glue or damage the putty that has been applied? Or is there a better approach to cleaning parts that have been pre-glued and or puttied. Thanks in advance.

    1. If you're concerned about the glue coming undone, windex applied to a paper towel will help clean the surface. I am not sure if the degreaser will affect the glue or not, but try it on a piece or two!