August 9, 2012

100,000 hits! Thank you and a request!

I started this blog primarily because I wanted to create an easy to navigate blog that had tutorials that community lacked clarity on.  I hoped that I may possibly become a resource for the community, and I do it simply to help maybe even one person who was in my shoes when I first started.

So this post is a thank you.  And a request.

If you would like to see any tutorials, please write them in the comments.  Any suggestions are always welcomed as well!


  1. Hey Major Williams! You make the most in-depth tutorials for gunpla and I thank you for making life easier for us normal people :)

    I'll be getting my first airbrush next week (a Badger Velocity) and I can't wait to try out your pointers.

    It would be cool if you also have video tutorials in the future :)

    Keep up the great work, and thanks once again!

  2. congrats on 100k! i just wanted to say you have one of the best blogs for gundam building. i used this website to help me build my first model and Voila! it turned out awesome. thanks alot! i would love to see some videos as well. keep up the good work!!

  3. Glad to hear it guys! That's a great point Manilamako and Danny - I have thought about making videos, I have all of the equipment for it. And an airbrushing tutorial is definitely something I have glossed over entirely! Perhaps I can make both a regular GB101 and a video tutorial for that one.

  4. Congratulations on the success! Thanks for all the work you have shared with us!

    I'd like to see a tutorial on what you think is the best process for improving the look of a model without fully painting it. I like the RG line, but I don't have the time or proper set up to fully paint it, but I am happy with the color the way they are. I would like to line them, apply water slides and top coat them, but all my attempts at doing this with an SD have ended in uneven paint, or my lines running.

    What do you think is the best 'budget' way to improve a model?

  5. I'd be interested in a airbrush tutorial as well. Especially tips on how to get used to using one. I don't mean how to thin paint, how to disassemble and clean, although those are also excellent topics, rather I want to see a video on what an absolute beginner should practice when using one for the first time, e.g. trying patterns on a paper towel, adjusting air pressure and noting differences in the effect, etc.

    Really appreciate your work and tutorials. Keep 'em coming. :D

  6. Good Day Sir,

    Congrates on you HITS in blogging.
    Would be very interested if you can cover on pla plating modification or extra paneline scribbing. Not alot of good tutorials on this 2 mods.

    Thanks in advance.
    Kelvin (from Singapore)

  7. How about a tutorial on post shading, highlighting and filters with pastel.
    Good show old man, thumbs up.

  8. Congratulations! I really love the tutorials you've created, they are my first go-to source for building.

    I find your tutorials cover everything I've wanted to do so far with my kits; I'm even tempted to try a resin conversion kit for once.

    Mako and Danny do make a good point with video tutorials--not everyone learns the same way. Personally I'd like to see more modifications like with the pla-plates.

  9. Major Williams your work inspired me to start building resin kits, not only GK mecha but anime figures as well. One thing that concerns me is that whenever I paint my kits, ones the paint dries it feels a bit rough.

    I also have some more issues but not big enough for an actual discussion.