February 17, 2012

WIP: 1/48 G-system RX-78-2 Eiyuu Tan Ver. Part 1

I began work on this in January - it is my first large-scale resin project.  I've been working on it, and it really isn't too different from a regular 1/100 project - the pieces just require more time to paint.

Casting is phenomenal and I'm going to be entering this into the MAC forum contest (though I am more doing this solely for fun).  Painting will be once again majority Plamo Colour. 

Here's a pic of the pinned project next to a 1/100 model for scale.

Priming the gigantic shield

Added some details to the skirts (see GB 101: Plamo Plate Modification)

80% complete with the gun - have to flat coat it after I add some more details

Painted the lower half of the torso (only showing 1 leg here).  Almost done with all of the white and red, next is gray, then blue.

More to come!


  1. What do u use for primer?

  2. I use the grey surface primer from Plamo Colour. Great, GREAT stuff.